Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dancing on ice must be somewhat better than dancing on eggshells.

It's Olympic time and what I've learned so far is it's desirable to watch other people do exercise whilst sitting on your couch and dreaming of that new car you can't wait to own. I've also learned women will never stop being compared to men; despite the tables not being turned in our favour. I'm not talking genetics, I'm talking socialization and from the get go being told we'll never be as good, nor should we try. I've also learned Canada is better at being open about and celebrating other countries and their successes than our American broadcasting brethren.  (Nothing new here, but I suppose it's a reminder.) I've ALSO learned that after just over a week of watching a whole heck of a lot of t.v., (a record for me since childhood,) I sure do value my drawing time/do some sort of creative project time and am almost ready for this athletic fiesta to be over. That being said, it's obvious figure skating is still rigged.

(On a side note--I very much want to try luge.)

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