Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Restoring My Faith In Canada... moment at a time.

Sitting out on my patio, I was fortunate enough to hear a group of drunk young men come stumbling out of a cab in front of my building. They stopped outside to smoke a j. The convo started with mention of all the Jesus flyers that get left on the bench out front. It lead to a discussion on religion; many having grown up but out of religion; to casual name dropping of the women they met or hung out with that night at the bar whom they thought were hot; to women they respected and admired (proud mentions of Dr. Mom and another nurse sister); then veered to seeing their parent's relationships from an adult perspective; and how trivial life can be when faced with people who really make a difference out there. Then they went inside and I smiled having been privy to a private boy conversation and happily convinced that what Jesus would do is a spark a j and spread some positive vibes after a good long night of respectful merry making.

I sketched this up on newsprint with charcoal in their honour. I couldn't see anyone; as there was a big hedge dividing us so this is what I came up with based on their voices. Then I took a picture of the sketch with my new Phone From The Future and uploaded it to my computer. I love my new Phone From The Future. It's amazing.


lala said...

this is truly awesome, Karen. I'm sure Orangee dug the convo also. It's all happening in your secret garden - keep up the great work! Al xo

rob said...

what a great story! what a great way to share your story!