Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NEW Portfolio site up and running! WOOT WOOT!

I was waylaid by some side projects--an illustration gig; some After Effects editing projects for a client; trying to lose the ten pounds of extra non-smoking weight with yoga, work out vids and jumping jacks (it isn't working, but at least my lungs are stoked); lots of acupuncture to rid myself of evil Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (that worked too!!!! So exciting! I love having my arms back and not angry at me anymore!); life drawing (where I rediscovered the love I never lost); and much more, I still managed to make a new website to better showcase my *erm* talents. Now I'm way more HTML savvy, can run up and down and all around without wheezing, back in touch with conte or a pencil, and still best friends with my cintiq. I'd say it's been a good month! Plus it snowed, and that's always a good sign. 

Check it out:

Know of anyone looking for an illustrator, designer or animator? Send them my way.