Friday, May 07, 2010


These are stills from the 3 week group project by Insert Edge Loop. We haven't put it up on the web yet. But perhaps I will soon. We keep talking about making fixes on it but have been way too busy with school. Alas.

I designed the parent's room and built it, unwrapped and textured it. Sam Erasmus helped with the texture and the lighting is all hers. (She's magical with lights.) I also did the kids pajamas and the hallway texture.

A clock made in Maya

One of the first things I ever built in 3D. Neat huh? I made it to animate, so the hands and the cogs on the face can move.

Snapshots from Hugh's life

These were from my original idea for my final project which was waylaid when the story just didn't seem to work. Instead the project became "Another Day, Another Dollar."


For design class. (Posted way after the fact--I'll work on that...)