Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer's nearing its end and the trees are already losing their leaves in this northern land. (and this is the southern part of Canada...scary!) I found employment a while back and somehow or other bagging groceries and punching in codes made me go home and draw this...I don't really get the connection, but alas, that's the truth of the matter.

been making friends in this seaside town and spent many a glorious day tanning my behind on tiny ash coloured pebbles that leave your hands covered in dust. A result of the type of rock lining the Canadian west coast or leftovers from the days when smoking was in vogue, I dunno. But makes you miss the fine white sands of the other side of the world. And the first minute of a dip in the Earth's big bath of polar bear club quality salty H2O happens to add to the homesickness, but then your legs go numb with acceptance, the sun is still shining down and it's all okay cuz a beach is a beach and I'm just glad I live near a couple. (Near being relative to how far I could really be...)

Starting to feel alright here tho, at least until the rain kicks in again. But I'm hoping it'll be at least a month before then.

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