Sunday, January 23, 2005


we're walking weary, swaying to and fro, says she's dizzy, i'm walking slow. tread thru streets she's knows by heart, tread thru streets after selling art. ladies i just met walk away with my proverbial sweat and blood and it's great to see the glow in their eyes and the excitement in their voices a new purchase that will hang on their walls and hopefully give them some colour to break up the off white. i loved the way ruth talked about my painting. she hated it. kept coming back. she hated it. she wanted it. the green shining thru the cracks. the spaces the city lacks so we make them up in drifting thoughts find solace in time and hidden parks that don't exist unless we make em. she'll put it in her office where she works at home cuz she says that it encompasses how she feels about seoul. and the passion in her words, not native tongue say things i would never think to and in ways i can't (especially out loud) and i'm touched.
these shoes are giving me shocks thru my foot. first started with a sharp pain in my big toe, now moved to the ball behind the last three and dude if every step isn't brutal and now my ankles are killing me not so softly and there will be no hip to my hop if i don't get some new fucking sneakers. and why is it that every show i've had so far, i make exactly enough to pay off debts?? all i want is a little extra to give me kicks but i suppose i shouldn't be looking the gift horse in the mouth unless i'm seeking to get kicked in the teeth...but really if you're looking in the mouth does that just mean he'll bite you? but of course say the trojans as they come crashing thru wreaking havoc black and blue. and before a show i cross my fingers and cross my (now aching) toes and wish for just enough to pay off debts. so i guess you get what you wish for as my mind races and dreams of selling it all to pay for trips to tahiti and days on the beach with a curly haired girl who dreams of sleep. selling out? nah, just being appreciated. and those pats on the back leave me grinning from ear to ear. selling out means changing styles miles and miles from where you started or what you wanted to do. appreicated means doing what you want and paying back stuey in the process who would weep at the grammatical deflamation and spelling mistake galore found in every entry on this page.
really tho if i have to give one more freaking explanation about my works i'm gonna go beserk cuz the more i do it the worse my korean gets and i'm not making sense calling nature brother and government economy and all my sentences are of the same variety and we're talking toddler not scholar but who said i was a scholar anyway.
if i had cash i'd buy zane's anger (and hurt) away and look at all the swirls over faces like drops of water on her face as she smiles at me in the shower with a new hairdo. cuz the more you look the more you see. art is funny that way. maybe he'll go for a trade.
i'm really happy. sore feet and all.

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